Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Co-Creating with Creative Commons

In a few hours, I'll be up early in order to make the drive to York University. Once there, I'll be taking part in the ABEL Summer Institute, where I'll be leading a workshop on Creative Commons.

In keeping with the theme of ASI2010: "Creating the Future Now", I'll be working with participants in my session to co-create a Creative Commons Field Guide. If all goes according to plan, our collegial effort will highlight a number of innovative ways that teachers and students can leverage Creative Commons in the classroom.

Creative Commons is an excellent vehicle to model academic integrity, and to provide learners with raw content for their multimedia creations. I'll be using the slidedeck below to provide a rationale for using and attributing Creative Commons works, and to highlight a wide range of CC licensed exemplars.

How will we Create the Future?

During the latter half of my workshop, we'll be producing and publishing a professional development resource. If you'd like to contribute to this e-book, I invite you to follow the steps below to share your idea.

Step #1: In 25 to 50 words, teachers will be asked identify a strategy, project, or idea for leveraging Creative Commons.

Step #2: Teachers will be challenged to identify a CC licensed photo that can be used to illustrate their idea. I'm encouraging the use of images by Stuck in Customs so that our resource will have a consistent look and feel.

Step #3
: Participants will contribute their ideas.

During the week following the ABEL Summer Institute, I'll be condensing the ideas into a common slidedeck which will be made available as a downloadable e-book from my Slideshare account.
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