Saturday, September 4, 2010

Taking Flight with Creative Commons

A blank page can pose an intimidating challenge to a creator; at the same time, a discarded cardboard box can inspire a child to imagine an entire world. It prompted me to wonder: "Why don't we use similar triggers to spark creative 'knowledge' construction by modern learners?"

As outlined in my previous post in preparation for the ABEL Summer Institute, participants in my Creative Commons workshop, were invited to join in the collaborative creation of a field guide. Rather than starting with a blank canvas, I provided the title slide, and invited colleagues to consider the stunning CC licensed photography of Trey Ratcliff (stuckincustoms on Flickr) for inspiration.

After priming the pump for workshop participants, our Google form collected suggestions for using CC in the classroom; questions about creative ownership; and general insights regarding media. The suggestions of teachers have been paired with the images that inspired the contributions, and the resulting work is licensed for further sharing, re-mixing, and knowledge construction.

The parallel goal of the resulting slidedeck, is to inspire educators to consider ways that they might use Creative Commons in the classroom. My hope is that this guidebook will act as a 'cardboard box' of sorts, inspiring creative individuals to take flight.

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