Sunday, February 1, 2009

Creative Commons Chaos

In an attempt to bring some order to the chaos of Creative Commons licensing, I've created a list of resources that educators might share with students as a starting point for all manner of creative projects. To explain a bit about each resource, I've appended a 3 word summary to each CC tools/resource.

If these don't suit your purposes, check out the ever-expanding CC Content Directories.

ccMixter: sample-remix-create
CC Mixter Dig Tool: simple-search-sample
Free Music Archive: free-music-radio
Free Sound Project: FX-variety-sounds
Sound Bible: licensed-sounds-FX
opsound: music-soundtracks-voice
Sound Transit: samples-environment-sounds
BeatPick: listen-think-create
Free Loops: loops-loops-loops
SoundClick: music-downloads-community
Jamendo: music-artists-sharing
Owlmm: music-search-simplified
Magnatune: listen-download-license
FreePlayMusic: free-music-library
Audacity Tutorials: teach-audacity-podcasting
Sutros: musicians-share-music
The 61: independent-music-democracy

Photos & Images
Wylio: photo-attribution-embed
Flickr: choice-photographers-community
Compfight: search-Flickr-safe
Vezzle: free-stock-search
FlickrStorm: search-Flickr-licenses
Behold: search-Flickr-safe-history
Simple CC Flickr Search: search-Flickr-safe-attribution
Idée Lab: Multicolor: search-Flickr-colours
Image Codr: attribute-cc-images
Cool Image Bank: share-collection-images
EveryStockPhoto: global-stock-photography
More CopyFriendly Media: copyleft-media-education
Sprixi: embed-attribution-automatically

Big Buck Bunny: animation-remix-share
Elephants Dream: animation-creative-shareable
Nasty Old People: film-torrent-donation
Star Wreck: movie-clips-original
Insecurity: film-online-download
Prelinger Archives: public domain-remix-archive
RIP: remix-manifesto-movie
Khan Academy: lessons-blackboard-teacher

Free Culture: Lawrence Lessig-copyright-creativity
O'Reilly Open Books: choice-book-publishing
Bound by the Law: copyright-comic-remix
Tree of Life Web Project: contribute-wiki-life
Little Brother Cory Doctorow-share-remix
Abracadabra!: book-Beatles-Revolver
Samandal Comics Magazine: comic-magazine-creative
21st Century Technology Tools: Liz Davis-tutorials-ICT
55 Ways to Have Fun with Google: Philippe Lenssen-Google-ideas
Open Thinking Wiki: Alec Couros-wiki-ICT
MIT OpenCouseware: courses-lessons-multimedia

License Your Creative Content

Internet Archive: archive-public domain-media simple-video-upload slideshow-CC-downloads

Plenty more CC licensed content is available from the Creative Commons Content Directories. What other Creative Commons resources do you recommend?

CC logo: Drew Baldwin


Anonymous said...

This is a great list of resources. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, excellent post. I'm sending your blog out for staff to subscribe to. Thanks for this post!

Rodd Lucier said...

I just found a neat public domain video repository:

Anonymous said...

Don't miss out on the directory at Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies -- over 2,700 tools, many are free:

Anonymous said...

Dear Rodd,
thanks for listing,
best wishes from Berlin, Germany,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Found a few more helpful resources to share with my students. If we want our students to think and behave ethically regarding fair use of media, we need to equip them with tools and alternatives, don't we.

Term Papers said...
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Term Papers said...
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BookChook said...

I would LOVE to use Deviant Art, but I can't see anything to support it being CC licensed. Is there a section that IS CC? What am I missing?

Rodd Lucier said...

Content at Deviant Art is generally not CC licensed, though some works may be. I've used this site in past presentations to share examples of works that build upon one another and to discuss 'fair use'.

Thank you for sharing what your critical eye has noticed. I have just removed Deviant Art from this list to avoid misinterpretation by others.

BookChook said...

Thanks for explaining, Rodd. I'd love it if Deviant Art had a way of finding content that is CC licensed, because there is such amazing art work there.

One of my favourite ways to find CC pics was Sprixi and they watermarked it with an attribution. Brilliant! But they are still "taking a break".

Unknown said...

Thank you for a list of resources that educators might share with students as a starting point for all manner of creative projects! By the way, have you ever prepared spring writing paper for kids? Was it easy?