Tuesday, December 23, 2008

7 Things You Don't Need to Know About Me

This morning, via Twitter, I was 'tagged' by Barbara Nixon to share 7 Things YDNTKAM, in a meme that has the potential to deepen connections among virtual colleagues. Barbara's list reminds me that the people with whom I interact virtually, are real people, so I'm glad to participate, and to reach out to 7 others...

1] My favourite 'snow day' as a student, was one where I went to school anyway; and as one of only a few attendees, became a 9 year old foley artist, playing with a reel-to-reel audio recorder.

2] Never mind the Wii, my memories of youth are filled with real live outdoor games: street hockey, street football, street baseball, hide-and-go-seek, kick-the-can, capture-the-flag...

3] I vividly recall watching Speed Racer on our new colour television and wondering how the colours came through the air to our home.

4] My Assumption College H.S. basketball coach once complimented my superior box-out technique, when I rebounded a free throw attempt, only to score on my own basket.

5] March 12, 1988, I flew as the only passenger on an Air Canada flight from London to Toronto; and they lost my luggage!

6] On May 28, 1989, I got my one and only hole-in-one in a tournament at Oakwood in Grand Bend, ON. My claim to fame is that it came on a Par 4!

7] I once coordinated a successful world record attempt in support of a colleague who later died of cancer. On February 2, 2004, at 2:00 p.m., for exactly 2 minutes, we made 15,851 Snow Angels.

While you don't need to be tagged to participate in this meme, here are seven folks I'd love to learn more about:

Alec Couros
Clarence Fisher
Doug Peterson
Louise Cote
Jarrod Robinson
Tod Maffin
Peter Purgathofer

Photo Credit: losmiminos


Nic Mobbs said...

It is great getting to know more about the "real" lives of the people we know online.

Love the snow angels! I have never even made a snow angel...not much snow around these parts.

Anonymous said...

Yeh not so much snow around my neck of the woods either Rodd. Very interesting to find out about your 400m history. It is simply the best event, so tough to complete. Just got back from a round of golf somthing I know you do quite alot of.I played terrible however my younger brother scored 1 over.

Anonymous said...

Thusly tagged, I responded to TheCleverSheep at http://dougpete.wordpress.com

Merry Christmas to all his readers.

Ross Isenegger said...

Thanks for sharing the scoring on your own net story. I think there is something iconic about it. It speaks of a simple mistake made in public, fairly regularly, that is mortifying. I think of many people who never play the game because they are afraid of scoring on their own basket.

I love the Air Canada story.

Rodd Lucier said...

Hey Ross,
I'm hoping to see a link to 7 Things about You in the very near future...