Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Treats (and one Trick)

I thought I'd take a few minutes to share a few links for a hauntingly fun week.

Pumpkinizer: Change a photo into a detailed jack-o-lantern

Virtual Pumpkin Carver: Practice your pumpkin carving with this no mess interactive Flash-based tool.

PumpkinGutter: The gallery of 3D carvings is incredible.

Extreme Pumpkins: Many unique pumpkin carving ideas are shared on this site.

Christopher Walken Mask: Instead of "Trick or Treat" just demand "I Need More Cowbell"!

Scary Stories: There is still a few cool and windy late October evenings to do some reading...

The Real Story of Halloween: Among a number of highlights on this site is Hidden Spirits an interactive role playing game.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken: Of all the movies I own, this has to be my favourite! If you're lucky enough to find it, this is the perfect week to watch it. If you can't find this one, The Nightmare Before Christmas is another Halloween gem.

Those with a strong constitution may be interested in a ghost story that is too disturbing for me to include in this space. After watching Nicolas Cage briefly describe his ownership of the Lalaurie Mansion of New Orleans, I unwittingly came across one of the most deeply disturbing stories I've ever read.

If you take the time to find the story that David Letterman was wise enough NOT to pursue... know that I share your regrets.

Happy Halloween!

Photo Credit: Paul Sapiano


paul c said...

Great timing for this post. Thanks for the links. You have really piqued my interest for the ultimate ghost story. Could you care to offer a little more?

Rodd Lucier said...

The story is too gruesome for me to link to... I'm not kidding. If you really want to find it, you can Google the name of the building; or you can check Wikipedia.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Anonymous said...

great list!!There are so many things about Halloween which I didnt know!how much you know!!