Thursday, March 5, 2009

A few days ago, I shared brief overviews of a number of e-Portfolio Tools, and I am now exploring how students and teachers can use these tools to collect and share evidence of learning.

In order to help me explain the ease of use of one specific e-portfolio tool, I recently took advantage of an opportunity to meet with Steve Greenwood and Peter Frasca, two lead members of the development team at In this podcast, Steve and Peter highlight a number of educational applications of their media sharing tool; in addition, they provide insight into the commitment, teamwork and values that ensure the continued evolution of

If you or someone you know is actively enploying e-portfolio tools, I'd love to share your story in this space... Feel free to drop me a line!


Andy Hampton said...

Hi Rodd, I'm now following you on Twitter and will visit the blog I hope regularly. I am just starting the journey towards using ePortfolios in ages 8 to 16 education in UK. We are about to start using a VLE called Its Learning which has ePorfolio facilities onboard though not quite sophisticated enough I suspect to really catch the imagination of the kids. I am working with the kids themselves on their energy and knowledge of facebook as a starting point and am hooping to get to know more about ruby on rails.. Would welcome links on twitter about other practitioners using eportfolios, especially in schools rather than universities.