Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last, but not Least

In recent weeks, I've given you a brief introduction to the work of the creative and innovative individuals whom I'm lucky enough to count as brothers. Now that I've finally got my hands on his most recent project, it's time to introduce you to Mark.

As a teacher in Windsor, Ontario, my brother Mark (brother number 4 by birth order), has always found ways to engage the power of media tools in the classroom. Whether leading his class to create unique 'graduation presentations', 'music videos', or 'schoolwide multimedia screenings', he has always sought to employ the most powerful apps available. One of the ways he builds upon his repertoire of rich projects, is to complete special assignments on his own. His latest work, embedded below, and is a definite show-stopper.

Filmed using his children in lead roles, and edited on his Mac, Star Wars VII may be destined for cult status once the YouTube fans find it...


Anonymous said...

loved the video, would love to talk to him on how he did it!!

Linda Iler said...

Pure genius wouldn't you think? Linda Iler (giggle)