Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Attend Lectures at Home: Apply Skills in Class

Teachers are joining students in learning and applying new skills at Woodland Park High School in Colorado Springs. Sharing their experiences in educational vodcasting makes for a good back-to-school news story, but more than that, the approach of Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams might lead teachers to think about why they teach the way they do, and to re-assess the value of in-class lectures.

Whether or not students would see the viewing of lectures as 'work' there are a number of reasons that I love this strategy:

Kids demonstrate their knowledge and understanding during class;

Students can be observed applying appropriate strategies/skills;

Teachers have time to coach all learners;

Students have ready access to the teacher support when 'working';

This strategy allows time for oral exams; consultation; performance assessment;

Collaborative projects can more readily be undertaken with the time available;

Teachers get to meet regularly with learners and to act as mentors and co-learners;

Lessons can be reviewed as necessary by students;

Great lectures can be saved, recalled, re-used...

What am I missing?