Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chrome Comes to Life

It's Here! Google Chrome and it's companion open source code page, Chromium, are now available in beta form for PC users. Highlights include: ready access to the sites you visit most often; an intuitive search/address bar called 'omnibox'; and a minimalist package worthy of Google's heritage.

Here are my first impressions, including a quick comparison to Firefox, Safari, and Flock (6 minutes).

I'm guessing that Chrome will soon be a key component of Android and the Google Phone, and while it's not earth-shaking enough to get me to run Microsoft Windows, I'll be downloading the Mac version when it's ready for prime time.


Mark said...

Awesome video walk-through and quick comparison! I've tried it out as well and have mostly positive feedback so far. I just with they supported a "Delicious" add on...

peter said...

will you also download the mac version of chrome when you learn that this browser sends every click of you, every search, every character you type, straight to google?

i have to admit that, while i generally like google and think that this browser is good strategy thinking, i try to avoid using google products for their incredible data lust. i'll stay on the cautious side of the fence, thank you.

Rodd Lucier said...

Nothing comes for 'free' does it Peter? I suspect that the grand goal of any data collection is to produce a product that better serves the user. Mind you, the better the tools work, the more eyes they'll draw, and the more money they'll make.

If that money leads to more and better 'free' tools, I'm not sure how much I'd complain??

Bubba, Zeke and Me said...

I have been using it at work for the last 2 days. It seems a little faster and fairly easy to navigate.

I do miss my FF extensions , so I don't think it will became my "main" browser just yet.

It will stay installed along with just about every browser (about 50% of my job is web development) for testing.