Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Search for Thirsty Teachers

Educators who are active participants in their own learning, tend to be the most engaging teachers I know.

I've revisited this truism after reading Will Richardson's recent post "Teachers as Learners (Part 32)". I believe it's true that people of all ages love to learn. Isn't it unfortunate then, that there seems to be no correlation between a love of learning, and a love of school?

Many times, I've been asked by colleagues: "Why do you use the World Wide Web to connect with other teachers?" My response has always been: "It's where the learners are!"

If you know of a teacher out there who loves to drink in rich discussions and experiences, please let them know there are many others out here who have a similar thirst for discovery. If we connect with one another, the next drink is on me!

Photo credit: Andrew_1000
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