Friday, February 11, 2011

Andy At the Apple Store

Yesterday afternoon, my colleague, Andy Forgrave and I set out from the OTF 21st Century Skills Conference, to visit a brick and mortar Apple Store. Our goal, was to write a children's book to document our trip. I think this is a nice model for how a slidedeck can be used to turn photos and blocks of text into an e-book.

After sharing the original slidedeck, I thought it would be interesting to invite text submissions for new versions. Almost immediately, this fresh take was contributed by Karen Littlewood

One day Andy went to the mall

There was an apple on the wall

Andy wondered what’s inside

It was unlike any apple he’d ever spied

he felt like he was being led

then the glowing apple was on his head!

He thought and thought and thought some more

Then took a step inside the store

The store was like a tekkie fair

On the wall, a Macbook Air

Andy saw an iPhone 4

And a wall of programs in that store

Cords and cables far and near

Beautiful headphones so he could hear

Little shuffles in colours bold and bright

And free Internet, time to check some sites

Andy sat and played a while

That Mighty Mouse sure has some style!

The pics in the game made him stare

Then he got a sticker for playing fair

Andy looked at the man in blue

He knew he had one last thing to do

He could help the customers too!!

One last pic in the Apple store

We all know Andy will be back for MORE!!

The set of photos that were used to create this 'book', are now available for download. If you or your students would like to remix 'Andy At the Apple Store', or if you take this idea and create an entirely new product, I'd love to learn about it...
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