Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ペチャクチャ : Pecha Kucha: Common Sense

That's Pecha Kucha"peh-chak-cha": (i.e., chit chat in Tokyo?!).

Who'd have thought that common sense in sharing knowledge via in-person talks would result in a 'movement' in the 21st Century?!

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format that encourages creative folks to share ideas in a condensed format of 20 slides of 20 seconds each. Essentially, presenters boil down their presentation to 'just the good stuff'. The short presentations allow many ideas to be presented in a single evening (or session), and are far more likely to maintain the engagement of the audience.

I was first introduced to the name of this format by Geoff Day through an online response to a blog post, but the logic of short, high impact presentations is well known to anyone who regularly visits "TED: Ideas Worth Sharing". Those who have to sit through protracted presentations with few highlights, would also gravitate towards Pecha Kucha evenings, whether in the UK, New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Canberra, Montreal or elsewhere!

Tomorrow, I will be leading a round-table discussion with district e-learning contacts from 16 regional school districts, each of which has been invited to share a distinctive practice/strategy/idea that has taken root in the home school board. Experience tells me that wisdom is not often recognized where it lives... and my hope is that sparks of creativity and innovation, will find tinder in the attendant board representatives. With a receptive, risk-taking audience, chances are good that the afternoon will lead to an expansion of best practices in online learning across southwestern Ontario.

Who knows, maybe the act of participating in short sharing sessions will lead to changes in the way boards share expertise... and the way they provide professional development!?!

Photo Credits: Catalina; Escalla