Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Network?

Will Richardson laments that many conference speakers don't effectively leverage read/write tools in their presentations. Maybe they don't understand 'WHY' the network is so important?

It might help if the people chosen to ’speak’ at conferences were chosen because of their online presence rather than by virtue of their paper-based publishing exploits. Those most effectively leveraging the read/write tools of the web, are the ones with the ability to model engaging uses of evolving tools; but many/most of us are ‘unpublished’ in the traditional sense.

One of those who is really demonstrating the power of the network for two way communication, is Clay Burell, who this past weekend, invited his network to experience his wedding via ustream!

That would be cool enough, but the network broadcasted back to Clay! People like Chris Betcher in Sydney, Australia, have leveraged tools in order to send greetings back to Seoul, South Korea. Check out Chris' Voicetread.

But what if you aren't getting married?Wesley Fryer, shared: WHY do teens use social networking sites?, a YouTube video by Vanessa Van Petten. Her answer is intended for parents, but I suspect educators and educational keynote speakers, would do well to consider the message:

Why network?

Until you begin to using the evolving tools of the read/write web, you will never know the answer!


Anonymous said...

in a currently ongoing project, we are exploring the space of read/write lectures.

in the current setup, students have the opportunity to attach comments to each slide of the presentation. afterwards, they get the chance to work with the slides and the comments in a wiki-like system (albeit with a stronger structure).

i have described the system in an article that is linked from the project blog

as an avid listener of your podcast, i would be curious as to any comments or suggestions that you have.