Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do You Create Dolphin Bubbles?

Surely you create dolphin bubbles!

You're a creative person who is reading this because you love to learn, and you thrive on creating rich learning experiences for yourself and for others.

I came across this video courtesy of a tweet by Joe Evans. It reminds me that in creating original content, we do so as members of a community. Once created, do we keep our original content to ourselves, or do we celebrate, share, and honour our work by giving it away?

I'll think of my work on innovative projects as 'dolphin bubbles' for the next little while, and will do my best to be more generous than these captive dolphins are with their creations. While they are inventive with limited means, and are great at learning from one another, these dolphins can still learn a few things about sharing and Creative Commons!

Pssst! Please don't tell the dolphins that their actions have been videotaped, or the we may find ourselves in a situation...
See Larry Lessig's recent tweet!
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