Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Else is Broken?

Seth Godin recently reposted "This is Broken", a talk from a few years ago, that has me wondering why we don't do more about fixing an education system that so many of us realize is broken...

What's broken in school?

Why do high schools begin classes before teens are awake?
Why do we rely on written tests for students to demonstrate their learning?
Why do students have to sit in such uncomfortable chairs?
Why do we prevent useful technologies like cell phones from entering the classroom?
Why do 5 year olds have to carry backpacks to school?
Why does chalk still exist in classrooms?
Why does so much 'learning' take place with students sitting down and listening?
Why do the best teachers often feel like they have to teach with their doors closed?

What broken things would you like to add to the list?
How can we being to fix some of these broken things?
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