Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ten Treats at RCAC

I'd been looking forward to today's RCAC Symposium for a number of weeks, and in the end, the day provided numerous highlights.

Here is this year's Top Ten:

1] The Keynotes Rock: It must be a significant challenge to arrange keynote speakers that can deliver messages to meet the expectations of a diverse audience of teachers, consultants and administrators. Symposium keynotes almost always hit the right high notes.

2] 5 C's: David Jakes' opening keynote highlighted relevant learning that can be addressed regardless of the tectonic shifts of emerging technologies. In times of continual change, Community, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Citizenship are sure to remain relevant.

3] My Two C's: David's C's dovetailed perfectly with the reflections and resources I shared in my breakout session on Creative Commons.

4] My Peeps Tweet: It was special to be able to meet face to face with @aforgrave, @zbpipe, @brendasherry, @msjweir, @peterskillen whom I've come to know in recent weeks and months; and to connect with new folks like @markwcarbone and @kellypower. Of course, meeting up with long-time back-channel colleagues like @dougpete and @sadone is always a treat.

5] Bread Pudding: The food at RCAC is always filling and good-tasting, but it's become tradition for me to save room for bread pudding. This delicious holiday snack was always one of my dad's specialties.

6] Regional Colleagues: In recent years, I've had the good fortune of working with ICT consultants and administrators from each of the boards in the western region. With so many of these folks on hand, it made for a great opportunity to re-connect.

7] Top Notch Give-aways: The generosity of the vendors who support RCAC results in some dramatic name-calling... during the draw for door prizes. A handful of iPod touches, numerous flat screen monitors, netbooks, notebook computers and even an iMac topped this year's prize vault.

8] OSAPAC: The Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee meets annually during the week of Symposium. Announcements of newly licensed software always makes for a nice pre-Christmas treat. Check out the latest OSAPAC news to keep up-to-date.

9] Collaborative Notes: Although wireless connectivity was spotty, key participants familiar with Web 2.0 tools, were more than happy to share notes and resources via e-documents.

10] Winter Wonderland: Wind, snow, cold temperatures and stories from intrepid travelers once again guaranteed that acquaintances would have something to talk about. Coming so close to the first days of winter, the event rarely has edu-conference competition, so most any interested attendee can easily slide the RCAC Symposium into their calendar.
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