Thursday, February 14, 2008

70 Years Ago... are we there yet?

A few weeks back, a colleague shared his mother's report card with me. From Nova Scotia in the 1937-38 school year, the introduction on the report demonstrates much wisdom. With thanks to Vince and his mother, I invite you to click the image for the enlarged view; I'll let these 70 year old words serve my purpose today.

An interesting aside to this report, is that the teacher and the student have continued to maintain a collegial friendship that still endures! Though an anecdote, this type of relationship speaks to powerfully of the qualitative learning experience.


Ross Isenegger said...

I would love to fave the photo if you put it up on Flickr. I have the humble start of a collection at Flickr.

I have this idea that once I generate enough, I will have the basis for a Steve Jobs-esque presentation.

Rodd Lucier said...

It's there now Ross.