Friday, February 29, 2008

Star Wars in my Feeds

This week was unique in a number of ways, but one common thread that connected diverse dots, was Star Wars. Although the series began over 30 years ago, it remains a pop culture staple. As evidence, here is where I encountered Star Wars this week:

1] The cutie-patootie 3 year old summarizing Episode 4: A New Hope (actually the first film) went viral on YouTube:

2] Every week, I see, but rarely take a close look at, Clay Burell's blog icon.

3] My son is hooked on both the new and the old episodes, this week, I did my computer work with Episode 2: Attack of the Clones (actually the 5th movie) in the background.

4] In talking with teachers about e-learning, one of the participants share the site 'Wookie-pedia'. The site is a wiki encyclopedia where fans of the Star Wars universe can share everything and I mean everything about the saga.

5] I couldn't resist revisiting Chad Vader, a serial version of Darth's younger brother working as a day shift manager at a grocery store:

I couldn't resist doing a podcast with selected audio from these experiences.