Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Networking Journey Continues

Will Richardson blogs:

"There is some irony, however, in the fact that teachers are connecting more and more outside their spaces but, it appears at least, not so much inside their own districts and communities. And that may be a misreading on my part; obviously, local connections are less transparent to the outside world. On some level, it’s not surprising; early adopters in their districts most likely have to turn outside to find kindred spirits or collaborators."

This conclusion is very much in line with my thinking....
You may one day come to realize that by leading more and more educators to make connections... even outside of their own districts, you are turning up the volume on voices that would otherwise be silent.  As these voices join the online discussion, more and more local connections are being made.  Kindred spirits are finding one another, and learning that there are many others with similar skills, interests, and passions.

The sad reality for many of these educators, is that those most ready and able to teach local peers about the power of networking, are rarely given the opportunity to address an audience of educators (even more rarely can they address 'titled' board leaders) other than when they do so on their own time (Educon!).   Why is it that innovation is seldom recognized locally?   Is this true everywhere?

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