Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Five... or Six!

Fridays were made for Five... or six!

I was first introduced to Merlin Mann's hobby site '5ives' a few years ago, and any time I've visited the site, I've clicked back to reality with a smile on my face. The 'mann' behind 'Inbox Zero' and '43 Folders' regularly lets the right side of his brain take over, and I thought I'd begin launching a new habit... short lists.

This Friday: Six Signs of Spring in Spectator Sports (Why six? Alliteration!)

1] Master's television commercials lead me to take the head covers off of my clubs to see if they're clean

2] The boys of summer bring unbridled hope to major league cities across North America. My rumpled Detroit Tigers cap comes out of the closet.

3] In the National Hockey League, the top teams get ready to grow their playoff beards, while those missing the playoffs get ready for golf;

4] The NCAA Mens Basketball tournament takes centre stage as amateurs play for that 'one shining moment'. It doesn't matter that my brackets are in shambles, there is always a Cinderella to root for.

5] The Olympic torch relay ignites passion about far more than sport!

6] "Gentlemen, Start your engines!" at the Daytona 500. It has to be spring somewhere in February!

What are your signs of spring in spectator sports?

Photo Credits: Andy Simonds; TequilaMike