Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Massive Multiplayer e-Learning

At lunchtime yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet with Peter Purgathofer from the Informatics Faculty at the Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology in Vienna Austria. After some evening editing, I pared our conversation down to this 22 minute 'lesson' on Slidecasting 2.0, an interactive technology in its infancy, that encourages lecture audiences to be active learners, by engaging attaching comments, links, references, and questions to the presenter's slides. The resulting 'rich notes' are then available online for further editing and sharing. If this open source project goes global, PowerPoint lectures may soon be recognized as interactive events!

Peter is truly an engaging teacher, and this while this video is narrow in scope, it was my great pleasure to participate in a conversation with such an enthusiastic teacher-learner. I've included an additional snippet of our conversation on the most recent Teacher 2.0 podcast.


Anonymous said...

as someone who was involved in this conversation i can say that it was a pleasure for me. my english turned out to be a little rusty in the beginning, but, well, that's how it goes.

thank you for the exposure, i'm quite excited to see what becomes of this.