Saturday, July 5, 2008

Creative Dragon

There are few people I know with the drive to create like my brother Cary. From original artistic creations in the form of t-shirts or paintings, to furniture design and inventions, Cary had to wait until the restrictions of school ended before realizing his creative genius.

Also blessed with genes for promotion, you may have seen this little brother on CBC's Dragon's Den, promoting FanWare products: wearable photo-realistic sports equipment.

If you missed Cary there, you might have seen an educational toy he brought to market 10 years ago. Stak-Its are cards that allow builders to create a wide range of original structures. With both Canadian and American patents, he is guaranteed a historical footprint.

Will you have creative dragons in your classroom this fall? Maybe the better question is: "Will you find the creative dragons in your classroom this fall?" One way to find them, would be to leverage tools like Google Sketch-up, and Google's Patent Search, for original classroom work along the lines of an Invention Convention.