Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My 'Real' Little Brother!

I come from a family of five boys... including Todd (my identical twin); Cary (the same age as I am for one week each year); Mark (the youngest brother of my youth); and Tom (the last to join us and 16 years my junior). In the coming days, I think I'll share a few short stories, to give you some idea of what a creative gene pool I come from.

Tom's amazing conference t-shirt idea is the first sibling story that I'll share . Although he tried many times to get me to attend Podcasters Across Borders, I'm content in the knowledge that he had impact on the event. His idea to create t-shirts that can be photographed to capture details about tech-linked colleagues is brilliant, and I can't wait to see this idea become a reality at the next edu-conference I attend.

Find out more about this great 'little brother' by visiting him at one of Canada's greatest venues for independent Canadian music: Phog Lounge; or listen to his humourous and sometimes 'off-colour' ramblings along with his podcast partner by subscribing to Shane & Tom's podcast. Tom also does the occasional guest spot on CBC Radio's Spark, which is a great show even if Tom isn't involved; but I've recently discovered that the best way to see what Tom's all about, may well be to read the passionate stories he shares on Tom's Weblog.