Monday, June 30, 2008

Little Brother and the Creative Commons

I've mentioned before that I'm reading Little Brother. What I hadn't realized until recently, is that you can read this book or any of Corey Doctrow's other titles, for free, by downloading the text versions from Corey's website:

Little Brother goes into great detail about how the youth of San Francisco use their technical know how to outwit 'big brother', played in the book by the Department of Homeland Security, so it should be no surprise, that Corey is swimming against the tide of the book publishing system. Click the link on at the bottom of the widget below to hear Corey explain things.

Link to purchase and download this audiobook without Flash interaction

Listen to the followup Teacher 2.0 Podcast: "Engaging the Power of Creative Commons" with special guests Corey Doctorow, Larry Lessig and the Canadian Mounties