Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top 10 Mobile Phone Resources

While the iPhone has dominated headlines of late, there are many great online resources that leverage the mobility of cell phones. Here are some of my favourites:

1] TwitterFone: Make posts to Twitter by making a simple phone call and stating your message.

2] Cell Phones for Learning: Wesley Fryer's wiki for making use of mobile phones in the classroom.

3] VoiceThread: You can use any phone to add a comment to a VoiceThread image, video...

4] PhoneSpell: Convert your phone number to a word/phrase, or find out the number that would correspond to a given phrase "Guessit?" = "483-7748".

5] Wakerupper: I use this resource to reliably wake me on the road, but it can also be used to send 'time-released' messages to any phone in the world.

6] Drop.io: Sure you can save all types of files on this simple-to-use website, but did you know that once you have reserved a Drop.io domain, you can also phone a unique phone number to record voice messages for pickup? You can also use this tool to record podcasts or to embed a message in a blog or other website!

7] Evoca: This tool will allow visitors to your website or blog, to post audio messages.

8] Mosquito Ringtones: For young ears only, this site provides high frequency ring tones that older ears can't hear.

9] Utterz: This site allows you to post text, photos, or audio messages, directly from your cell phone. With cell phones being the most ubiquitous technology on the planet, this may be the future blogging tool!

10] Jott: Once you register your cell phone with the service, this voice to text tool can be configured to post directly to your blog. You speak; Jott writes!

For those with a few minutes to spare, take a 'history lesson' break with 'The Evolution of Mobile Phones":

OK, There are indeed more than 10 Great Mobile Phone Resources!

11] Beam It Up Scotty: Did you know that you can download photos, music, videos and other documents to your cell phone?

12] CellSwapper: Don't like your cell phone contract? Swap it! This site provides ways for you to dish off your cell phone contract to others, and to obtain other term contracts with a range of carriers.

13] Google SMS: Movie times; flight information; definitions; tranlations, weather reports... all this and more can be yours by text messaging to Google (466453)!

14] Remember the Milk: Manage multiple tasks and reminders via text message, email, SMS on your cell phone.

15] Phone My Phone: If you've lost your phone or if you want to get out of a boring meeting, this service allows you to schedule one call or multiple repeating calls to your cell phone.

16] Pinger: Hear, see or message anyone on any phone!

I've just posted an audio version of this content on the Teacher 2.0 Podcast. What are your favourites?


kimberly said...
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Aaron said...

I wanted to point out that one of the sites you recommend in your post on mobile phone resources (http://thecleversheep.blogspot.com/2008/06/top-10-mobile-phone-resources.html) is no longer working. Utterz.com does not appear to show up for me any more.

If you would like to fill this gap with another site that offers a completely different mobile phone service, I would love for you to include my site cellphonenumber.com.  It started as a question answer website for people that were looking to locate a friends cell number but has become sort of an "everything cell phones" portal where visitors can ask any cell phone related question and I try to find the answer for them.

If it does not look like a good fit for your post no problem, I did want to point out the other link which is no longer working.