Monday, June 30, 2008

Remote Participation in NECC

The Good News: It's Summer at the Cottage

The Bad News: NECC is taking place in San Antonio!

With the internet, even the bad news doesn't have to be so bad. This morning I was able to attend the National Educational Computing Conference remotely by diving into a few remote feeds courtesy of and a few intrepid edubloggers.

Prior to this event, the publishing of the NECC's restrictive terms of use on multimedia productions had me wondering whether or not any broadcasts would emanate from the conference. Today, I'm glad to see that consenting presenters are finding ways to share their
messages beyond San Antonio.

Will remote participation become the norm for conference participation? Conferences that encourage remote participation may not bring funds into the coffers of conferences, but they may yield more important benefits. The recent launch of the EdTV wiki provides a menu of edu-blogger channels that heralds the arrival of open, remote, self-selective professional development.

Although I'd love to be there in person to solidify relationships with virtual colleagues, I am content to visit NECC participants remotely... between chapters of Little Brother. Keep the feeds coming!

Today's 5 minute podcast provides a snapshot of my remote participation.
Photo Credit: Rodd Lucier