Monday, June 9, 2008

New iPhone eh!

It's official! The iPhone 3G is coming to Canada!

Earlier today, "It's a Small World" was used as the fanfare to announce that 70 countries will have unfettered access to the most coveted digital device on the planet.

This morning, Steve Jobs, members of his team, and a number of software developers introduced the new Apple iPhone 3G which runs on the faster 3G network. The mobile phone boasts a 3.5 inch display; built in camera; and embedded GPS technology. Jobs claims that the battery power would provide 5 hours of talk time; 5-6 hours of browsing at high speed; 7 hours of video; or 24 hours of audio.

No more pretending... the iPhone is one powerful computer! Courtesy of the shared Software Development Kit made available only a few short months ago, a number of new tools will soon be available via the iPhone App Store at prices set by the developers (starting at 'free'). A few of the highlighted applications capitalize on the read/write web and are surely just the tip of the iceberg:

The Office Hub: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and the iWork apps will be viewable. Mobile Me promises to synchronize information on a number of disparate devices as dot-Mac is re-tooled to harness this handheld.

Blog in Your Pocket
: Typepad makes it simple to create blog posts including photos directly from your iPhone.

Global Reporting Device: While the idea of a cell phone equipped camera as a reporting device has been around for a while, the Associated Press has optimized the Mobile News Network for the iPhone. Your photos will know from where they've been taken, making it easier than ever to be an on-the-scene reporter!

Social Networking from your Palm: Loopt, a Twitter-like app has been created for keeping tabs on your contacts. The word may enter the lexicon as GPS is leveraged to plot networked buddies as pushpins on a map.

Live Sports Connection
: Sports fans will appreciate “At Bat”, a tool created by Real time video highlights channeled to your phone minutes after the play!

Band on the Go
: An innovative interactive application promises to turn the iPhone into a Music Machine. With 'Cow Music’ the touch sensitive screen will allow your iPhone to emulate a variety of musical instruments. You can create, save and edit music on the go!

Digital Game Machine: Sega, Pangea, Digital Legends, and other software companies will turn the iPhone into a handheld video gaming device. Titles like Cro-Mag Rally are only the beginning. I can see many advertisers porting (or licensing) free interactive games to the iPhone in order to engage eyeballs.

The Doctor's Brain: MIMvista is one of a few companies preparing to launch upwards of a dozen medical apps. Rich medical information will be available at a doctor's touch, with options to zoom, scroll, and measure. Thanks to an embedded accelerometer, images will even when you shake the phone.

Today's news is that the iPhone 3G is coming to Canada; Tomorrow we may even forget that it's a telephone!

Today's Teacher 2.0 Podcast provides an audio overview.

To capture your own highlights, check out the WWDC 2008 Keynote Presentation.

Photo Credit: Betacontinua


Bill Deys said...

One, yes it is a little computer, but have you tried to type on one of the things. I can't stand it. I guess, by how well it's sold, that's just my opinion. Second the MobileMe isn't really doing anything I haven't already been able to do. Using SpanningSync I sync iCal to gCal and with the gSync app on my blackberry it syncs there. I can also already blog, podcasts and vlog (not something the iPhone can do) from my blackberry. I've also had GPS and maps, that I can search restaurants and such, for a while. I just don't think it's entirely as ground breaking as everyone has made it out to be. They've just put them all on one device out of the box. Oh and one more thing that pisses me off, why do current iPod Touch owners have to PAY to upgrade to the new software that gives us the ability to buy more apps. I'll be sticking with my BlackBerry and jailbroken iPod Touch thanks!