Thursday, June 5, 2008

5 Mac Predictions and one Sure Thing

With the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference only a few short days away, here is my wish list:

1] Apple will launch the iPhone in Canada. Roger's says they've reached agreement for this year, so why not with the anticipated 3G iPhone launch? Will GPS be included?

2] We'll see the first mass market touch screen notebook computer. If it works on a phone, it will work on a screen. It's only a matter of time... isn't it?

3] Safari will be re-tooled to include many embedded social networking tools. Look out Flock!

4] Cloud computing will come to .Mac services with the launch of iLife online. Web versions of Keynote, Pages, iMovie, Garageband and more will be compatible with both Mac and PC.

5] iTunes will be renamed to reflect the diverse media available for purchase/download. Developer applications for the iPhone will be made available for download beginning... "Today!"

What is for sure, is that Steve Jobs will wear blue jeans and a black crew neck shirt and will highlight the explosive growth in Mac sales. He'll sip from a water bottle intermittently and will speak slowly and deliberately using highly graphical slides as a backdrop. Steve will talk about the past with great pride and reverence, and will reinforce the wonders of the Leopard, the current Mac operating system. He'll highlight a new ad for iTunes and may even take a jab at the PC with a new Mac-PC ad. Audience members will laugh, and smile, and applaud, in giddy anticipation of "One more thing...."

Photo Credit: Ben Stanfield; Anthony Sigalas