Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone as Little Brother!

A funny thing happened to me at the little Rogers store at the mall yesterday... Empty store: iPhones in stock: Couldn't resist!

After spending 24 hours with this iconic tool, early indications are that I will be doing more mobile computing and less desktop computing in the coming year. So far, I've been impressed with the way the iphone integrates existing social networks and the embedded camera to allow anyone to play the part of 'Little Brother'. If you have an iPhone and either Twitterrific or Twittelator you can access Twitpic or AP's Mobile News Network to report on moment to moment goings on.

While you can burn your 3G airtime being mobile, the iPhone is able to access any open wireless network in order to browse the web and upload/download content. Additionally, the iTunes App Store provides access to free and low cost tools that will one day allow this communications device to do just about anything a computer can do.

Still in it's relative infancy, this powerful network-friendly computer will one day yield great influence on education. Communications technologies, organizational applications, web browsers, and networking tools, provide promise far beyond simple access to the world wide web. The iPhone and it's digital cousins, herald the potential of 1:1 computing, just as generations of educators begin to harness the read/write web.

More early reflections are available on today's Teacher 2.0 podcast.


Bill Deys said...

Hey Rodd, how does the 3G coverage out in Komoka? Have you been up a little north in the Coldstream area and tried it?

Rodd Lucier said...

Hey Bill,

The 3G network seems to work fine in Kilworth, Komoka and Mount Brydges. Funny that my backyard seems to make my 'bars' disappear, but I use my home phone from there and I've been connecting to various web apps courtesy of my home wireless network.

Bill Deys said...

From what I gather the 3G coverage is better in Canada the State Side. Rogers FTW! The reason I ask is at my house in Coldstream, just 5 min north, we don't have broadband (aside from satellite). I'm looking for ANY way to get better access!

Rodd Lucier said...

When I first moved here 9 years ago, the only web access was telephone line modem. Rogers came in back in 2002 I think...

It's definitely getting harder to find disconnected communities these days... at least in in southern Ontario!

Bill Deys said...

I disagree, there are still far too many holes in broadband coverage. I think most people are surprised at just how many people don't have a good connection. I live in an area quite a number of families only 10-15 min from a major city and we can't get a half way decent connection. It's an outrage if you ask me. I know state side with FIOS and such they do such a great job making broadband faster but why don't we focus our efforts and money on getting better coverage.