Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WALL•E's Mac-nificent!

The Disney/Pixar release of WALL•E is one of the most unique family films I've ever seen. Tapping into many human themes with minimal screen dialogue, the motion picture effectively tells the story of a garbage collecting robot (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class) turned action hero who helps to recover planet Earth.

The film is a love story, an environmental anti-consumerism parable, and a call to action, but rather than review this visually stunning story, I thought I'd share a few pop culture references that had me smiling during the film.

1] Consistent with other Pixar animations, John Ratzenberger makes a cameo, this time as a human.

2] When WALL•E powers up, he chimes in a tone indistinguishable from any rebooting reliable Macintosh computer.

3] Love Boat links include the Lido deck and a robot called Go-4, heard as 'Gopher'. I couldn't find Merrill Stubing, but many past captains of the Axiom appear on the wall of the Captain's deck.

4] The Autopiliot, "Auto", is a cyclops, who as well as looking like the Hall 9000, takes control of the Axiom.

5] One of the robots is called "Han-S" aluding to the Star Wars character Han Solo.

6] WALL•E's trailer is populated with a wide range of popular items including Big Mouth Billy Bass, a Rubic's Cube, and the ubiquitous iPod. The DVD will surely allow for the discovery of numerous other cultural icons.

I wonder how many buttered popcorn purchasers will see themselves in the passive techno-indulgent humans depicted in the film. Here's hoping that WALL•E DVDs, games, and toys, will not have us emulate the 'Buy 'n Large' wastefulness depicted in the film!

Photo Credit: Jorge Felipe