Saturday, May 15, 2010


Like educators around the world, I spend a fair bit of time teaching and learning online. As you likely know, the tool that I commonly use to connect with other teacher-learners, is Twitter. Why not use Twitter, to let the world know that even on their own time, teachers around the world, are busy learning?

Five months ago, a vehicle was created to help educators identify themselves as learners on Twitter. It's a simple hashtag, inspired by the "Yelps" sometimes heard from the tiny voices of Who-ville.

According to Dr. Seuss, it was on May the 15th, that Horton the Elephant first heard the voices echoing from the tiny dust planetoid in the classic children's book "Horton Hears a Who". What better date could there be for educators to let the world know that "We are here, We Are Here, WE ARE HERE!!"

How can you participate?
All you need to do is use the hashtag #edyelp when tweeting today, May the 15th.

1] Whether or not you're not an educator, you're welcome to send out a heartfelt thank you to a teacher from your past: "I'd like to give a shoutout to my favourite teacher of all time. Thank you Mrs. Beezlenut!" #edyelp

2] Tell the world why you're doing on Twitter: "I learn from a wide range of global educators on Twitter." #edyelp

3] Let us know who you are and what you teach: "I'm a Student Success teacher on Twitter, and I'd love to connect with other teachers in similar roles." #edyelp

4] Share you favourite Seussian quote. I personally think too many people see Twitter like the kangaroo "For almost two days you’ve run wild and insisted on chatting with persons who’ve never existed." #edyelp

5] Set up a search column in your favourite Twitter tool, and discover where other educators are on Twitter. "I'm looking #edyelp on Tweetdeck, hope to see you pop up!"

Even if it leads a few people to ask the question: "What is #edyelp?", it can do nothing but remind folks that Twitter is being leveraged for personal learning by a wide range of teachers who span the globe. You're already one of the leaders in the field making great use of Twitter, why not celebrate it with an #EDYELP?
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