Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Khan Academy

Earlier this year, I found myself trying to re-learn chemistry in order to teach a group of at-risk students at my high school. After hunting down a number of resources, I found myself on YouTube, where I was entranced by a number of friendly and easily understood online lessons by Salman Khan.

Almost immediately, I found myself learning from, and teaching with, a faceless colleague. Even though I was captivated by his chemistry lessons it wasn't until I saw a tweet from Dean Shareski earlier this week, that I became aware of the rich body of work Khan has posted to his website: Khan Academy.

With over 1200 Creative Commons licensed videos available for sharing, re-publishing, and remixing, Sal Khan is well on his way to realizing a lofty goal: "Using technology to educate the world".

Find out why learners worldwide are discovering new avenues for teaching and learning at the Khan Academy. You owe it to yourself, and your students, to discover a master teacher for the 21st Century, Sal Khan.
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