Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Pupil and the Pendulum

With thanks to Clarence Fisher:

Taken verbatim from the Students 2.0 blog:

"Twenty-first century education won’t be defined by any new technology. It won’t be defined by 1:1 laptop programs or tech-intensive projects. Twenty-first century education will, however, be defined by a fundamental shift in what we are teaching—a shift towards learner-centered education and creating creative thinkers. Today’s world is no longer content with students who can simply apply the knowledge they learned in school: our generation will be asked to think and operate in ways that traditional education has not, and can not, prepare us for."  Anthony Chivetta

It's not about the tools, but about the approach. How far we will have come...

I can't help but agree with Sylvia Martinez:

"But the voices of students are telling us that project-based learning isn’t just a pedagogical luxury, something to try out only in the most comfortable circumstances. It’s an imperative for the future of the world."