Thursday, May 29, 2008

Five Movies that Scared Me as a Child

These five movies are very vivid in my memory, and what they have in common is that they each had at least one moment that made it difficult for me to sleep.

1] Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: That 'childcatcher' still gives me chills!

2] The Ghost and Mr. Chicken: I loved 'Luther' but those garden shears in the throat were freaky!

3] The Birds: That poor guy's eyeball hanging out... Yikes!

4] Poltergeist: Where should I start?! The slimy goop covered child; the kids creepy voice on the TV; the cemetery surfacing in the yard... Even the title freaked me out!

5] Mary Poppins: OK, not really, but I love this trailer, recut as a horror film!

What movie moments haunt your childhood memories?


Sarah Stewart said...

I watched Ingrid Bergman in a film about Joan of Arc. I must have been under 7. The last scene of where she is burnt to death has given me a mortal fear of burning to death ever since. Woe betide to my family if they try to cremate me when I'm dead. If they do, I'll come back and haunt them!

efreeman said...

'It' by Stephen King. Really, really scary!!

Rodd Lucier said...

I don't remember seeing the Bergman version of Joan of Arc, but 'IT, scared me as an ADULT!

Mr. Licata said...

I'm not sure which was worse, Frdiay the 13th, I & II or the original Jaws. I spent summers at our beach house and we did a lot of water sports, but at night I would walk home from our friends house in the pitch black darkness.

Sarah Stewart said...

I saw Jaws when I was about 13 - I have never forgotten the universal gasp when the head floated out of the ruined boat. A brilliant film.

As an adult, 'The entity' scared the life out of me.

samccoy said...

"Marnie", an old, black & white Alfred Hitchcock movie with Tippie Hedron and Sean Connery. Hitchcock could always make something seem ordinary on the surface, yet totally warped underneath.