Thursday, May 22, 2008

Five Reasons to Love a Loonie

* Note to the non-Canadian world: Loonie is the slang term for a one dollar Canadian coin.

1] When you have enough loonies in your automobile ashtray, you can be a big spender, splurging for a an 'iced cap' at Timmies;

2] A loonie will buy you a great song like 12:59 Lullaby by Bedouin Soundclash on iTunes;

3] You can spend a loonie in more places than you can spend Canadian Tire Money;

4] The loonie is cute enough to have a great nickname!

5] The loonie buys as much as an American dollar (at least today it does!);

Are there more great things about the loonie?


loonyhiker said...

Cute post! I am loony myself (loonyhiker in fact) but I don't fit in an ashtray. I can sing a song and I use my credit card enough. My hubby thinks I'm cute and I buy a lot!

Ross Isenegger said...

My wife saw Robert-Ralph Carmichael, the artist of the loon, on TV once. He was positively disheartened that his lovely creation was given such a daffy monicker.