Monday, May 5, 2008

Leading Learning

Leading Learning is underway, with plenty for the attendees to consider.

George Siemens shared a thought-provoking presentation after the recovery of his operating system. I'm ruminating on the idea that educators have lots of work to complete before schools can experience a true renaissance. Beyond exploration and experimentation, we need to gather data to appease stakeholders prior to the implementation of 're-schooling' initiatives.

Ken Hudson (A.K.A. Kenny Hubble) shared his experience as the Manager of Academic and New Media Services in coordinating the creation of a 'Second Life' learning environment for Loyalist College in Ontario Canada. The "Light On - Light Through" podcast interview with Paul Levinson provides insight for those interested in learning more about this project.

Rodd Lucier (hey that's me!) presented 'Let's Ban Chalk' a workshop on how to engage the World Wide Web as a replacement for the chalkboard, including how to develop a personal learning network. A grateful nod to Lee Lefever of Common Craft for enlightening participants on how to 'be a good explainer'!

I couldn't resist podcasting about a few of my thoughts from Day 1.