Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wisdom of the Collective

What's the most important thing you've learned from your Personal Learning Network?

"If I'm struggling with something, chances are someone else is too! Seeing others take risks helps me take them more confidently, too."
Adrienne Michetti

"Regardless of how boring the material that you have to cover might be, using web 2.0 tools makes students active participants in the education process. I am getting so much more feedback through the blogs, email, and classroom response systems than I ever did with asking a student for an answer" Brian Licata

"...I've learned that there is an on line community there to support you in whatever way you need at the this very moment. You just need to take a risk and ask." Elona Hartjes

"...My PLN supports my learning in many different ways. I can propose an idea and get feedback, or I can explore others' writings to get a different perspective. That's at the conceptual level. At the tools level, I can get help on a specific tool or I can learn about new tools. And when I need some information about a topic, I turn to my PLN for the information directly or pointers to where it can be accessed. My learning is deeper and richer because of my PLN." Cindy Seibel

"The most important thing I have learned from my PLN is I cannot keep up or stay current on my own. I can benefit from other educator's experiences at the click of a button so I don't have to read it all or do it all myself. My favourite phrase is "We not me"" Doug Sadler

"...I've learned that a PLN is absolutely critical for me to keep up with things going on in education. I simply cannot wait for the "guru" articles & books to be published because things are changing too fast. But I can learn a ton from people who are sharing via blogs & podcasts. For the first time in my teaching career, I don't feel totally isolated in my job. My PLN has been a life-saver (and a sanity saver)." Kelly Ady

"Start slow it can be overwhelming. Don't lurk, participate. Be willing to contribute and don't get bummed if you don't get a response. It will take some time." Paul R. Wood

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Photo Credit: Stephen Downes