Friday, December 19, 2008

Four Christmas Lessons

The Grinch
Tuesday, one of my high school daughters was complaining about the daily classroom chore of 'copying notes from the textbook' by hand. I don't understand why it is so commonly acceptable for teachers to torture kids like that...

Charlie Brown's Christmas

Wednesday, my little guy played Joseph in the Christmas pageant. Nothing is more powerful than this primary school pilgrimage, in reminding us of the reason for the season...

A Christmas Story
Thursday, I was reminded that when writing in a public space, I should be careful not to disparage the important role I play in promoting e-learning. That has never been my intent... Hope I didn't 'shoot my eye out'!

White Christmas
It's Friday morning, and a snowstorm threatens to turn our world white, just in time for Christmas. It's time to celebrate, and to wish you and yours all the blessings of the season!

Photo Credit: Chris Campbell


paul c said...

I agree; copying notes from a textbook or an overhead is unacceptable! Several of our schools are promoting the Cornell note which is a dynamic way for students to make their own note: key points on the left, details on the right, summary at the bottom. Students become engaged with the text and making critical decisions on their own.

Rodd Lucier said...

Cornell note?!
OK, I've done a bit of checking and see that this is a practical method to engage critical thinking.
Others may be interested in learning more:
Thanks Paul.

I've spoken to some interesting folks in the past year who find unique ways of engaging their audience in back-channel discussions about the material. Much richer experiences are available once teachers avoid doing what others have done to them!