Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RCAC: 10 Reasons I Love Symposium

The Western Regional Computer Advisory Council Symposium is here!

Last year's symposium was truly transformative for me. Thanks in large part to engaging presentations and workshops by Will Richardson, I was inspired to engage with a wide variety of Web 2.0 tools that have become indispensable in my daily work.

Here are ten reasons why I'm looking forward to this year's event:

1] The RCAC Symposium brings together administrators and technology consultants.

2] The 400 attendees are local, all coming from southwestern Ontario.

3] The keynote speakers are always compelling. For 2008, David Warlick returns.

4] One of the keynotes is usually from a field outside of education... This year, it will be new media expert and tech story-teller Amber Mac!

5] The event is held in London, Ontario... as close to my home as any conference ever gets.

6] This will be my 8th RCAC Symposium, but it's the first year I've had an online PLN... and many of my colleagues will be in attendance!

7] The food at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn is terrific!

8] The door prizes are fantastic... Though I've yet to win a big prize, iPods, computers, software, books, and clothing are mainstay giveaways.

9] Although I've presented in the past, this year, I'll be free to network and micro-blog full time!

10] This year's event marks my first anniversary as a 'regular' blogger and Twitterer and podcaster...

One year ago, I had the chance to learn alongside longtime RCAC committee member, Doug Peterson, and lo and behold, this December, each of us has been nominated for an Edublog Award!

Can Symposium 2008 top that? I can't wait to find out!


Will said...


Congrats on the nomination, and have a great conference. Glad to have been of some help on your journey.