Monday, December 22, 2008

Twelve Ed-Tech Lists for Christmas

With the holidays upon us, I thought I'd take a lesson from "The 12 Days of Christmas", and recommend 78 resources in the guise of a dozen gifts...

12 Canucks You Can Learn From on Twitter: courosa; toddlucier; blanchemaynard; dougpete; glassbeed; shareski; phogtom; gsiemens; rdelorenzo; jagill; robwall; zecool. (Note: There are many other Canadian Twitterers I learn from on a regular basis, but I had to limit myself to a dozen!)

11 Google Apps:
Google Docs; Archive News Search; SketchUp Pro; Google Earth Pro; G-Mail; Google Reader; Google Maps; Chrome Browser; Google Video Chat; Blogger; YouTube.

10 Favourite Mac Apps:
ScreenFlow; Audio Hijack Pro; GarageBand; ScreenSteps; iPhoto; Wallet; Easy Task Manager; Keynote; Parallels; Quicksilver; iCal; xPad.

9 Tutorials on Social Media Tools: Blogging in Plain English; Photo Sharing in Plain English; Podcasting in Plain English; RSS in Plain English; Social Bookmarking in Plain English; Social Media in Plain English; Social Networking in Plain English; Twitter in Plain English; Wikis in Plain English. (All thanks to Common Craft!)

8 YouTube Videos for Educators: The Networked Student; Graffiti (Pfizer); A Fair(y) Use Tale; Learning to Change; The Machine is Us/ing Us; A Vision of K-12 Students Today; Information Revolution; We Think.

7 Super CBC Podcasts: Spark; R3-30; Search Engine; Radio 3; Out Front; Ideas; The Hour.

4 iPhone Apps Worth a Few Bucks:FileMagnet ($4.99); Pano ($2.99); Comic Touch ($4.99); Band ($3.99).

5 Media Archives I Can't Live Without: Internet Archive; Prelinger Archives (video)Newseum; Virtual Library Museums; Flickr.

4 Video Streaming and Conference Resources:; DimDim; Adobe ConnectNow; Qik.

3 Sources for Motivational Speakers:; Pop!Tech; Hitchhikr Conference List.

2 Sites to store and share media files:;

1 Top Tool for managing Twitter feeds:

Realizing that it's better to give than to receive, I'm wondering whether or not you have any items to add to any of these lists?

Photo Credit: laffy4k


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Rodd. Thanks heaps for the help throughout the year and the countless hours of entertainment your podcast and blogs have provided me with, not to mention the amount of thinking your work makes me do. Anyway while i enjoy our summer break and i recharge for next year. Merry Xmas and a happy new year. Cheers

Rodd Lucier said...

Something tells me that your career is going to quite a bit more exciting than that of the traditional teacher!

It was great connecting with you in 2008, and I look forward to learning more along with you in the New Year!

All the Best!

Rob said...

Here are some of my favs that you didn't mention:

Mac apps: Senuti and Handbrake

Media Archives: CBC Archives

Store and Share media files: I still like

Managing Twitter feeds: depends on the platform. For Blackberry, I like Twitterberry

P.S. Thanks for the plug.