Sunday, December 28, 2008

Twitter, TweetDeck and Massively Open Online Discussions

If you have yet to try TweetDeck, put it on your ToDo list! There are many reasons why I expect this Adobe Air tool to become the Twitter client of popular choice in 2009.

Click the image for a quick overview of TweetDeck:

As users expand the use of Twitter to engage in wide-ranging and ongoing discussions, TweetDeck will remain agile enough to track group activity; to search keywords; or to gather 'hashtags'.

As just one example, Alec Couros' recently recreated a PLN vs. PLE debate, which may have been one of the first massively open online discussions. The use of a tool like TweetDeck will allow users to engage in multiple self-organizing discussions.

A brief tutorial, outlining some of the possibilities, appears below:


Keith Lyons said...


Thank you for this post. I hope to explore microblogging much more in 2009 so this post is perfectly timed for me.

Thank you for all your fascinating posts in 2008. My best wishes for 2009.


Lisa Thumann said...

I just started using Tweetdeck tonight - had I seen your post earlier I would have used it sooner - I'm sold. Thanks for the great visual!