Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buck Bunny and the Creative Commons

Last evening, I continued my work on a presentation that will be shared by my brother Tom to assist artists in learning about how to leverage Web 2.0 technologies. This mashup of Buck Bunny is part of that presentation, and I thought I'd share it here to highlight the benefits of licensing your work with Creative Commons.

If you'd like to learn more about how to leverage the Creative Commons in education, feel free to participate in the second Ontario Educator Meetup on January 27th.


Anonymous said...

Nice presentation, Rodd. I wonder, though, if those who need or want an image or sound or music or ... respect Creative Commons any more than they would traditionally copyrighted materials? Perhaps it's time to stop talking about CC to the converted and create a literacy unit for teachers and students to take to truly understand what CC is all about.

Unfortunately, I teach at the university on Tuesday nights and will miss the Meetup. @rdelorenzo has promised to hit the record button so that I can listen, albeit tape delayed.