Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Educators Need to Know About Twitter

Questions to Consider:

Have you been phished?
How many different passwords do you use online? Do you change them?
How might educators harness Twitter for 'synchronous' discussions?

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Digital Gangster
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Biz Stone, Historical Tweet, Darth Vader
Journchat (Mon 7-10pm CST) recent discussion.
Everything Twitter

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Anonymous said...

My son @timlucier has a twitter account and an ipod touch and recently, has gained access to school wifi. Is this an opportunity or a significant problem for his teachers?

It's time for educators to know what is going on out there and inside their classroom.

An untapped opportunity from my perspective.

Rodd Lucier said...

I agree Todd. How can we allow students to leverage technologies, unless we're willing ourselves to explore their potential?

Educators need to engage with emerging tools for their own use, before assuming they are suitable or unsuitable for the classroom.

IdoNotes said...

Thanks for linking to http://EverythingTwitter.com in your resources.

We also run another site that educators are finding helpful that starts to address some of what you ask. Teachers and educators need to be aware of what the students are doing while in the class as well as what services they use outside.
http://SocialStalking.com is all about privacy issues, focusing on kids.