Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mobile Phone Teleportation

Questions to Consider:
Do you have a camera equipped cell phone?
Are you aware that it can be used for more than taking everyday photographs?
Have you heard of Quick Response codes; geotagging; or face recognition?
Might barcoding our world become an educational endeavor?

Once again Mr. Robbo has got me buzzing about how cell phones can be leveraged for education. In a recent tweet, he directed followers to Semapedia, and now we've synchronously begun thinking about how a technology that started as a marketing tool, might be harnessed by teachers and students.

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Anonymous said...

Check out ... I just made my own bar code. Can think of all kinds of ways of using this technology. Geocaching will never be the same.

Could be big impacts for tourism, education and a whole lot more.

Rodd Lucier said...

Thinking about how your business card might have a barcode to link to your blog or twitter account...

Thinking about how students might maintain a wiki of their delicious links or project resources, and how they might add a QR tag to an essay/project...

Thinking about wearing a t-shirt with your personal tag so that in photos others can link to your online content...

Thinking about how this is only the beginning!