Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lessons for Educators from Michael Wesch

In this brief interview, Michael Wesch of Kansas State University, affirms many of my personal beliefs about teaching and learning. In less than 10 minutes, he reminds us of the importance of collaboration; of the critical role played by modern learning tools; of the empowering nature of engaging questions; and perhaps most importantly, that teachers can demonstrate respect and love for their students.

Since first caming to my attention courtesy of "The Machine is Us/ing Us", Michael was recently recognized as Professor of the Year: Outstanding Doctoral and Research Universities Professor.

If his Michael's words ring true to you, you may also be interested in reading his Passion for Teaching Statement.


Vince MacDonald said...

Love the comment about anti-teaching.........inspiring others to learn the material on their own - rather than give the answers - seems so logical and the most important focus of the quote about, "Those who understand 'why' will endure any 'how'.........great stuff.