Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Great Ways to Spark Creativity

The web hosts a wide variety of content generators that can be used to creatively update blog posts; to teach information literacy; and to just plain have fun.

Here are 25 of my favourites:

Book & Magazine Covers
Books for Dummies
Magazine Cover Creator
Big Huge Labs Covers

Sign Editors
Construction Road Sign
Wrigley Field Sign
Bus Advertising Slogan
Church Signs
Bar-B-Q Restaurant Sign
Protest March Banner
McDonald's Sign Generator

Practical Organizers
Pocket Organizers for GTD
Colour Scheme Creator
2D Code Generator
Creating QR Codes
Simple Bibliography Tool
eMail Icon Creator

Writing Ideas
Motivational Poster Parodies
Newspaper Clipping Creator
Simile of the Day
Fake Name Generator
PC Error Customizatioin
Trading Card Creator

Just for Fun
Hobbit Name Generator
Monopoly Card Creator
Web 2.0 Name Generator

What are your favourite sites for generating interest and sparking creativity?


Turrean said...

Nice list! I've seen some clever teachers use Big Huge Labs to have kids design movie posters based on books they've read for class. The kids loved it.

Haley said...

Very interesting, the last two columns look like fun and definitely creative and I'll have to try them!

Ross Isenegger said...

Hi Rodd,

Lots of fun here. I created one for fun.


Tech Tips for Teachers said...

These are some great resources to make learning fun for both the student and the teacher. Thanks for sharing.

Rodd Lucier said...

A few new sign tools!

The fast food ones are good eatin':

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