Sunday, February 8, 2009

Twitter for Teachers: The e-Book

How would you like to co-author an e-book?

Yesterday afternoon, after purchasing the domain, I began framing a wiki to host the development of a resource for teachers new to Twitter. Now that the site has begun to take shape, you are hereby invited to share your ideas as a member of the collaborative that will draft this e-learning resource.


daibarnes said...

Ideas for twitter in the classroom. Should probably form a part of your site.

Rodd Lucier said...

Thanks for the links...

The first one had already been added to the wiki, but I've transfered a link to the CC licensed slideshow. I'm hopeful that someone will remix the content to suit our needs.

Maybe you'd like to help with this project? This morning, I see that there are already 25 educators connected to the project!

Gene said...

Great idea and i have already set up my feed. Thanks!