Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tag Yourself as 'TwitterTeacher'

One of the things we've been trying to get our heads around on Twitter for Teachers, is how educators can find others with similar portfolios. In discussion with Ed Webb on a feed called "Do we want to list 'Teachers on Twitter'?" we happened upon a unique solution that engages teachers in 'tagging themselves'.

Our strategy leverages Twitter, Delicious, and Google Reader (or any other RSS reader). If you know these tools, the explanation below may well set you on your way towards subscribing to a wide variety of TwitterTeachers!


Ann Oro said...

I'm always looking for different ways to help myself sort through information. I tagged this in the TwitterFreaks group on Diigo. I sent out a tweet about it too (njtechteacher). This is a great idea.

Rodd Lucier said...

As with any idea, it's only valuable if enough people think it's valuable. If it works, people can tag themselves with keywords rather than waiting for a computer to attach labels.

Thanks for sharing the idea...

nycrican2 said...

What a wonderful mashup of services. Just followed your instructions and subscribed to the feed using Bloglines. Thanks for the wonderful tip.

Judy Battraw said...

I tried it, and it worked! I'm looking to connect with university ed tech teachers.

Joseph @ said...

Hey guys,

This is awesome. It's always great to see more and more folks using twitter to get the word out and spread ideas to the masses.

We're actually doing a call out for twitter experts to teach twitter in their city, so please check it out!


Jim Walker said...

Now all we have to do is convince principals that they should unblock Twitter and other social network sites. Students need to understand how to create their own PLN.

Stephen Lissenden said...

I'll be doing this, will tweet this post and blog it to. Let's hope it takes off as this could be a great way of connecting.