Thursday, June 26, 2008

5 Ways Youth Soccer is Like School

Have you seen a youth soccer game/practice lately? Below this 2008 soccer photo, are five parallels to school, based on my observations of my little guy's play on the pitch.

1] As with classroom lessons, many soccer drills fail to 'engage' participants.

2] Like the chalkboard/smartboard, many skills are practiced with the active involvement of only one person at a time.

3] Just as most students are required to be on the same page at the same time, youth soccer sees most players follow the ball as a 'hive' in lieu of playing independent positions.

4] If things aren't interesting enough, the kids will find their own entertainment to replace game/practice activities.

5] Similar to the anticipation of recess, the highlight of most games is the half-time snack break!

Do you see any other parallels?

Photo Credit: Rodd Lucier


Paul C said...

A good coach and good teacher would use the partner method occasionally to increase participation. The collaborative method works wonders for engagement and skill development.